Agrigento – Day 4 – Part 1 – Climbing Painted Stairs

After a nice breakfast in the apartment, we headed out to begin our last day in Agrigento.

Just off the main road, leading into the city, you will find the Piazzetta San Calogero, and the Santuario di San Calogero.  The church dates from between the 13th and 14th centuries, and according to legend, it was built on the spot where the saint slept.  At the time, the site was outside the city walls, on the other side of a ravine, which has since been filled in.  As a matter of fact, old prints of the church, from the 1800s, show the building surrounded by nothing but trees and nature.  That is not the case today.  The church was closed during our visit to the city, so we were not able to visit the interior of the building.

The Bar Espressamente Illy seemed like a perfect place for a coffee, before continuing on our way.  So, we stopped, and sat at a table outside, enjoying the cool air, and the quiet that comes with a grey morning.

In the middle of the Salita Madonna degli Angeli, in front of the building #9, you will find the Pozzo dei Desideri, a wishing well, placed smack in the middle of the stairway, leading up to the Chiesa Madonna degli Angeli.

Tunisia is only 192 miles away from the city of Agrigento.  So, it was no surprise to find a colorful piazza dedicated to the North African country.


Next up: We continue climbing up into the narrow streets of the old town of Agrigento!


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