Palermo – Day 1 – Part 1 – Our Arrival

Anyone who knows me is aware that I love to visit Italy.  This time, we were traveling to Sicily, and beginning our trip in the city of Palermo.  We were arriving there by airplane.  The flight from Milan was short, just under an hour and a half.  The day of our arrival was a beautiful one, and it made our approach to the island of Sicily a great experience.

By car, Palermo’s airport is actually about twenty minutes outside the city.  We had hired a driver in advance, to meet us at the airport, and then transport us to the apartment  we had rented for the duration of our stay.  We were staying in a beautiful two-bedroom apartment, which had a rooftop deck area, right in the middle of the historic district of the city.

Stepping onto the rooftop deck was like being in a dream.  It was absolutely my favorite part of the apartment!


Next up: We begin to explore the city, starting with a trip to the train station!


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