All Roads Lead to Rome – Day 3 – Part 2 – A Walk in the Park and Sushi

We continued to explore the grounds of Villa Sciarra.

Some day perhaps, we will be able to visit the interior of the villa.   For now, though, we had to be content with walking around outside.

A plaque on the façade of the villa pays tribute to George Wurts, and his wife, Henrietta Tower, who were both responsible for the villa and the gardens we see today, as I mentioned in last week’s post.

One can only imagine how lovely the grounds of the villa once were, when everything was new, and in working condition!

With that, our visit to Villa Sciarra was finished, and we began the walk downhill, back to the heart of Trastevere.

A plaque is affixed to the façade of the building where the famous movie director, Sergio Leone, grew up in.

For dinner, we made a reservation at a trendy, Asian-fusion restaurant, called Somo, which was about a ten-minute walk away from the apartment.  We sat outside, and had a delicious meal, with good wine, and it was a nice way to end a  perfect day in Rome!


Next up: It is all about the food!


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