All Roads Lead to Rome – Day 1 – Part 1 – Piazza di San Cosimato

For this trip to Rome, we chose to stay in an apartment located on Piazza di San Cosimato.  For us, it was an ideal location.  From there, we could easily walk to our usual spots, where we normally met friends and shared.  And, being next to a hospital, the piazza was normally quiet during the evening hours, unlike the public spaces only a few blocks away.

If you have followed this blog through the years, you would know that Trastevere is very near and dear to me.  I love being there, even with the crazy crowds that can sometimes overtake the streets.  So, it should be no surprise that as soon as we were unpacked, we headed out to experience the neighborhood.

As far as I was concerned, one of the best things about the location of the apartment was the fact that, six days a week, there was a small market in the piazza, in front of our building.  Sunday was the only day that the market did not function.  I would shop at the market whenever we stayed in Trastevere, and to now have it right outside of our front door was a blessing!

The Ospedale Nuovo Regina Margherita occupies what was once the Monastery of San Cosimato.  The construction of the monastery was completed in 1069.  The space was turned into a hospice in 1891.  In the 1960s, the structures were turned into the hospital that we see today, which specializes in orthopedics and surgery.


Next up: We visit the Chiesa di San Cosimato, and then, head out to a few of our favorite Roman spots, for drinks and dinner!


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