Padua – Day 1 – Part 3 – The Duomo di Padua and More

We continued to explore the Museo Diocesano di Padova, and its rich collection of artistic treasures.

One of the last rooms one enters, when visiting the Museo Diocesano, is the Sala San Gregorio Barbarigo, which is named after the former bishop of Padua.  This room, used for conferences, is not always open to the public, but if it is open while you are there, take a few minutes to take in the rich decorations that adorn the walls and ceiling.

Next to Palazzo Vescovile, at the end of the piazza, you will find the Basilica Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, or as it is more simply known, the Duomo di Padova.  The church we see today dates from 1551, but an earlier church existed on the site as far back as the year 313 AD.

The photo below shows the altarpiece of the Cappella del Sacro Cuore, or the Chapel of the Sacred Heart, which is also known as the Chapel of San Carlo.

The high altar is the work of Daniele Danieletti, and dates from 1770.

The Chapel of the Holy Sacrament is by Giorgio Massari.  The praying angel on the left is by the sculptor, Jacopo Gabano, while the angel on the right is the work of Tommaso Bonazza.

The funeral monument shown below is that belonging to Cardinal Pietro Pileo di Prata, and is by Pierpaolo dalle Masegne.  It dates from the 15th century.

The Cappella della Confessione, also known as the Cappella di San Giuseppe, or the Chapel of Saint Joseph, is the burial place of Bishop Ildebrandino Conti, even though his tombstone has been removed.

A Roman tombstone adorns the exterior of the campanile, or bell tower, of the duomo.

A plaque on a building nearby remembers those who lost their lives in the Holocaust.


Next up: We continue to explore, and then, wrap up our first day in Padua with a sushi dinner!


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