Burano – Day 2 – Part 7 – A Church and A Swan in Mazzorbo

The only functioning church on the island of Mazzorbo is the Chiesa di Santa Caterina.  The original structure dates from 783, but the building was rebuilt a few times over the centuries.  Most of what we see today dates from the 14th century.  Over the entrance portal, there is a relief depicting the marriage of Santa Caterina, with two donors looking on.  Christ is seated in the middle, and he is putting the wedding ring on the saint’s hand.

In the atrium through which one passes before entering the church, you will find a relief depicting the Madonna and Child, known to the locals as the Madonna delle Grazie, as it is believed to have come from the now demolished Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie.  The work dates from the 13th century.

As we made our way around the island of Mazzorbo, we were rewarded with a lovely view of Burano.

We soon came to the Cimitero di Burano, a cemetery that serves the communities of both, Burano and Mazzorbo.

And with that, we concluded our visit to Mazzorbo, and headed back across the footbridge to Burano.


Next up: We finish up our day with a delightful dinner, and then, a moonlight stroll around the island!


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