Venice – A City Unlike Any Other – Day 2 – Part 1

We began our Easter Sunday with a lovely breakfast, which consisted of fresh fruit, cold meats, coffee, yogurt, and a colomba di Pasqua, which is the Easter equivalent of a panettone.  It was a beautiful day out, so we wasted no time in getting out there, and exploring the city a bit more, once breakfast was finished.

Since it was Easter Sunday, we thought it would be best to use the day to explore other parts of the city, using the majority of the day to walk around.  We did not want to enter any of the churches, because of Easter services, and the fact that it is disrespectful to explore the sacred spaces during Mass.  Many of the museums were closed for the day, so we chose to walk over to Piazza San Marco, and that section of the city.  Of course, we would take our time doing it, and would stop if something was open, and caught our eye.

The distance on a map from point A to point B might not seem like it is far, but let me tell you that in Venice, one never knows how long it will take to get somewhere, unless, of course, you are a resident of the city, and know it well.  Many of the narrow alleyways come to a dead end.  You may also get to the end of the street, and realize that the only bridge with access over the canal is accessible from another street, which looks like it is only a block away, but God only knows where it begins, and how you get to it!  For me, that is the joy of exploring this beautiful city.  You never really know just where you might end up!  The key is to keep trying to go in a particular direction, towards your eventual destination, and enjoy the process of getting there.  You will get there eventually.  Just do not get stressed, if you find yourself having to backtrack, or get a little lost in the process!

Corte Zanetti was the home of the Zanetti family.  They were an illustrious Venetian family.  One of their members, Antonio Maria Zanetti, even became the curator of the Library of San Marco.


Next up: We visit the famous Rialto Bridge, and take in the views of the Grand Canal, before continuing on our way to Piazza San Marco!


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