Matera – Italy’s City of Stones – Day 1 – Part 2


We noticed some statues standing in a courtyard, and went to check it out.  We found a wonderful artist’s studio/shop.


The Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate al Sasso Barisano, on Via Sant’Antonio Abate, is another of the local churches carved into the rock, like the Sassi that surround it.  While it is no longer used for religious services, it is possible to visit the church, which still contains ancient frescoes, as well as a statue of the Saint.


One cannot help but feel as if one has taken a step back in time, when wandering around this incredible city!


The Fondazione Sassi, begun in 1990, promotes the rehabilitation of the Sassi zones, and cultural activities that take place in them.


Next up: We explore more of the Sasso Barisano!


Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Italy, as well as all of those whose lives are being affected by this horrible virus that has disrupted our world.  Stay indoors.  Keep calm.  Be strong.  Together, we can beat this disease!


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