Rome – A Modern Ancient City – Day 1 – Part 1


For this stay in Rome, we rented a one-bedroom apartment.  The apartment was located a block away from the Largo di Torre Argentina, in the direction of Piazza Venezia.  It was a penthouse apartment, and was accessible by a small, private elevator.


One of the best features of the apartment was the terrace.  It ran along two sides of the space, and we could access it through either the living room, the kitchen, or the bedroom.


The views from the terrace were incredible, as we were on the top of the building, and situated right in the middle of the city.


At one end of Largo di Torre Argentina, you will find the Torre del Papito, or the “Little Pope’s Tower,” which is a medieval tower built by the Antipope Anacletus II Pierleoni, who ruled in opposition to Pope Innocent II, from 1130 until 1138.


In the heart of the Roman Ghetto, you will find the tiny Vicolo Costaguti, a small covered street.  It leads to a compact, but charming courtyard, lined with apartment buildings.


Palazzo Costaguti dates from 1578, and is still owned by the Costaguti Family.  While there are a few apartments in the building rented out to the public, the Costaguti Family still resides in the main section of the palazzo, which contains masterpieces by artists such as Guercino, Domenichino, and Gaspard Poussin, to name a few.


One of my favorite spots, to visit in the Ghetto, is the courtyard of Palazzo Mattei di Giove.  It is full of art, and I find it to be a lovely oasis, in the heart of the city.  The palazzo was designed by Carlo Maderno.  The artist, Caravaggio, lived here in 1601.



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