Pisa – Fourth Time is the Charm! – Day 2 – Part 2


Housed in the Ex-Church of San Paolo all’Orto is the Gipsoteca di Arte Antica dell’Università di Pisa.  While not at the top of the list of popular attractions in Pisa, I highly recommend a stop here.  The building dates back to 1086, and inside, in addition to the museum exhibits, you can still admire old frescoes and other decorations, from the Church of San Paolo all’Orto.  The lovely museum contains plaster casts of ancient Greek and Roman statues, the originals of some now lost, as well as other works of art.  The collection on display dates back to 1887.


In the same piazza, you will find Pisa’s movie theater!


The Chiesa di Santa Cecilia, or the Church of Saint Cecilia, dates back to 1103.


We slowly made our way towards the Campo dei Miracoli.


In Piazza Martiri della Libertà, also known as Piazza Santa Caterina, you will find the Monument to Pietro Leopoldo, who was the Grand Duke of Tuscany.  The statue dates from 1829, and is the work of the sculptor Luigi Pampaloni.


On the same piazza, you will find the Scuola Sant’Anna, which is a special-statute, public research university, specializing in the field of applied sciences.  Students here are given a full-government funded scholarship, which includes accommodations, food, and research and travel grants.  All that they have to do, in return, is to keep their grades up!



Next up: No visit to Pisa is complete, without a visit to the Campo dei Miracoli!


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