Taking in the Healing Waters of Italy’s Fiuggi – Day 4 – Part 2

DSCN7731I made my way back down to Fiuggi Fonte, where we were going to finally go after lunch, and visit the Terme di Fiuggi — the source of Fiuggi water!DSCN7732DSCN7733We had a quick lunch at Caffè Michelangelo, and then headed out to spend some time in the Terme di Fiuggi.DSCN77372018-05-06-104529-IMG_1136Almost everyone who comes to Fiuggi is here for one reason — to visit the Terme di Fiuggi, or L’Acqua di Bonifacio VIII, which is the park area where one of the two springs that supply the water surfaces.  Fiuggi water gained popularity back in the year 1300, when then Pope Boniface VIII claimed that drinking the water cured his kidney stones.  Later, the artist Michelangelo would make the same claim.  Today, the water is actually prescribed by some physicians for the treatment of kidney stones, as well as gout and other illnesses.  Residents of the town can often be seen entering the park area with their own empty water bottles, which they then fill with the healing waters, for no charge.  Tourists can also do this, but we must pay a small admission charge of €2.00, which enables us to stay for the day, and drink as much of the water as we want.  Paper cups are available to those who don’t bring their own.  DSCN7808DSCN7810Once you’ve paid your admission fee, and have been given your cup, you are pretty much free to roam around, or pass the time as you wish.  DSCN7738The park is filled with areas lined with chairs, where one can relax, take in the nature that surrounds you, all while sipping the water, which is available from fountains that are practically everywhere you look.  It was fairly empty at the time of our visit, but I could only imagine how busy it might be in the summer months.  2018-05-06-095214-IMG_1085DSCN7743DSCN7746DSCN7748DSCN77492018-05-06-100231-IMG_1102DSCN7756DSCN7761DSCN7768We walked down to the lower level, at the bottom of the hill, and there we found more spa areas, including a building where massages are given, as well as other therapeutic treatments.  DSCN77672018-05-06-101827-IMG_1115DSCN7774DSCN7782DSCN7783DSCN77852018-05-06-102929-IMG_11242018-05-06-103752-IMG_1130DSCN7800DSCN7352There was another small park area across the street from the Terme, so we decided to check it out.DSCN7355DSCN7358DSCN7362DSCN7368DSCN7370DSCN7373DSCN7374DSCN7375DSCN7343We decided to have dinner close to the hotel, as we had a car coming first thing in the morning, to take us to our next destination.  We selected Familynest Ristorante Pizzeria, as our last restaurant in Fiuggi.  We dined on fresh fish and wine, and even though it was a bit too brightly lit for my taste, we had a nice time.  We started with fresh anchovies, razor clams, and a seafood salad.  These were followed by two kinds of fish, all with a nice local white wine.2018-05-06-145545-IMG_11382018-05-06-151156-IMG_11402018-05-06-151218-IMG_11422018-05-06-160643-IMG_1143


Next up: We head to the enchanting town of Tivoli!


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