Sperlonga: Italy’s Coastal Secret – Day 1 – Part 2

DSCN5067Dating from the fifteenth century, the lovely Cappella di S. Rocco Extra Mura was built just outside of the old city walls.  Today, surrounded by other buildings, it remains a tiny jewel set on the road that leads up to the Centro Storico.  DSCN5065DSCN50662017-10-30-094616-IMG_0251DSCN5072DSCN5073DSCN5082DSCN5078As we climbed higher, towards the old town, the view before us got better and better.DSCN5079DSCN5080DSCN5084DSCN5088DSCN5094About halfway up the hill, you come to one of the city gates.  From this point on, you are in the old town of Sperlonga.  DSCN50952017-10-30-095355-IMG_0260DSCN5096I love exploring the Centro Storico of any Italian town, and Sperlonga’s did not disappoint.  With its winding lanes, and whitewashed buildings, it is a joy to wander around — as long as you don’t mind stairs!  DSCN5097DSCN5098DSCN5104DSCN5105DSCN5106DSCN5107DSCN5108DSCN5109DSCN5112DSCN5113DSCN5114DSCN5115DSCN5116DSCN5122DSCN5125DSCN5128DSCN5129DSCN5133DSCN5134DSCN5135Because of its position on the Tyrrhenian coast, Sperlonga has had a long history of being invaded by pirates, and other outsiders.  Legendary heroes, like Ulysses, have stopped here in order to restock their supplies, or simply to feel solid earth under their feet, after long periods at sea.  Walking through the streets, it is easy to feel like a part of ancient history!DSCN5136DSCN51392017-10-30-100647-IMG_0275DSCN5143DSCN5146DSCN5148DSCN5152DSCN5155DSCN51562017-10-30-101446-IMG_0284DSCN5168At the top of the old town, one comes to Piazza Europa, and a belvedere with views out over the countryside, to the south and west of Sperlonga.  DSCN51652017-10-30-111503-IMG_02892017-10-30-111920-IMG_0294DSCN5166DSCN5172We had dinner that night at a lovely restaurant in the old town, Gli Archi Ristorante.  DSCN5197DSCN5198The atmosphere inside of the dining room was lovely.  The food was delicious.  I highly recommend dining here, when visiting Sperlonga.  2017-10-30-163755-IMG_03482017-10-30-114717-IMG_0319

Next up: a visit to the Villa & Grotta di Tiberio, as well as exploring more of the lovely city of Sperlonga!


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