GESSOPALENA – Day Two – pt 1

DSCN3783Giovanna and Neda had put together an itinerary of sorts, for the days that we would be spending in Abruzzo.  So, after breakfast, the three of us piled into the car, and off we went in search of our first stop of the day.  A friend of Neda’s, who lived in Gessopalena, had recommended that we pay a visit to a local farmer, who made his own salami, and sold it from his home.  We had an address, and so off we went.  DSCN3810We found what we thought was the right road, but we couldn’t seem to locate the address, so we stopped at a factory to see if anyone there knew of the person, or where the farm was.DSCN3811They told us to continue driving, on the road that we’d been traveling on.DSCN3812After about ten more minutes of driving, we came upon our destination.  DSCN3816I probably don’t have to tell you that all three of us made a purchase while there.DSCN3815Cured meat in hand, we headed to our second destination: the town of Roccascalegna.DSCN3818DSCN3819The main reason people visit this lovely town is to see the castle, which sits on top of a rock, overlooking the town below.DSCN3821We decided to climb up, and visit the castle.DSCN3822DSCN3824DSCN3825DSCN3827DSCN3828DSCN3829DSCN3830DSCN3832DSCN3835DSCN3836As we made our way up to the castle, I found myself in awe of the simplistic, rugged beauty that surrounded me.  I couldn’t help feeling that life may be a bit more difficult in Abruzzo, with its rocky terrain and remote towns, but it was also a very beautiful life — a happy one, without many of the concerns and worries that life in a more metropolitan area carries with it.DSCN3838DSCN3839DSCN3842DSCN3844DSCN3845DSCN3848DSCN3849DSCN3850DSCN3851After a good twenty-minute walk uphill, we finally arrived at the Bigletteria Castello, or the Castle Ticket Office, only to be informed that the castle was, in fact, closed for the day.  DSCN3852We took advantage of the lookout by the ticket office, and rested a bit, admiring the surrounding countryside.  DSCN3854DSCN3856Located behind the Castle Ticket Office, the Chiesa di San Pietro dates back to 1568, but it was also closed.  The view of the castle was incredible, though!DSCN3858DSCN3860DSCN3862


Next up: more from Day Two in Gessopalena, and its tiny surrounding towns!

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