PARMA – Day Three – pt 2

DSCN7333As I made my way out of the Parco Ducale, I stumbled upon the Palazetto Eucherio Sanvitale, which was hosting a very interesting art exhibit.  DSCN7335The building itself is really quite beautiful, and is well worth a visit!DSCN7338DSCN7339DSCN7346DSCN7348DSCN7349DSCN7350DSCN7356DSCN7361DSCN7369DSCN7372DSCN7373DSCN7382DSCN7383Dating from 1604, the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Quartiere is also worth a visit, when in the neighborhood.  DSCN7387Outside of the church is a bust/monument to Guido Picelli — a member of the resistance from Parma, during WWI.  He would later die fighting in the Spanish Civil War.DSCN7397DSCN7399DSCN7407DSCN7410DSCN7413DSCN7420DSCN7431Documents date the Church of Ognissanti to, at least, 1230.  DSCN7437DSCN7444DSCN7445DSCN7446DSCN7447DSCN7449DSCN7450DSCN7459DSCN7466DSCN7473As I walked past the Music Conservatory, the sound of students working on pieces filled the air.  It was lovely!DSCN7474DSCN7481DSCN7486The Galleria San Ludovico, once a functioning church, is now home to art exhibitions.  DSCN7488DSCN7530DSCN7543DSCN7547DSCN7551DSCN7562DSCN7577Once a fortress, the Parco Cittadella is now a lovely place to spend an hour or two.  The main gate into the park is made with marble from Carrara, and was designed by Simone Moschino in 1596.  I loved strolling around this place!DSCN7581DSCN7586DSCN7590DSCN7598DSCN7599DSCN7605DSCN7623DSCN7629DSCN7648DSCN7649DSCN7653DSCN7659DSCN7660DSCN7670DSCN7695DSCN7696DSCN7707DSCN7715DSCN7716DSCN7717DSCN7722DSCN7726DSCN7745DSCN7750DSCN7765DSCN7787DSCN7790DSCN7791DSCN7795DSCN7798DSCN7800DSCN7809DSCN7811DSCN7824


Next up: a visit to the lovely city of Reggio Emilia!  Also, in the near future, we will be visiting the cities of Fiuggi, Tivoli, Firenze, Pisa, and Campiglia Marittima.  If anyone has suggestions on things to do, see, etc.,  please, let us know.  We also welcome any restaurant recommendations.  Ciao, for now!

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