DSCN7490The Chiesa di San Francesco is a wonder to behold!  We happened to pop in, just as a small tour was about to begin, and we were asked to join them.  It only took a moment or two for both, Susan and me, to agree to accompany the group around the church.  And I am so glad that we did!  DSCN7494The church is so ornately decorated that one isn’t certain where to look.  Having a guide helped, as at least this way, our eyes were directed to certain areas, or pieces of art.  We were also taken into the crypt, where you can see bones piled up, if you look through a window.  DSCN7496DSCN7500DSCN7512DSCN7515DSCN7533Having first opened its doors in 1849, the Teatro Garibaldi is a tiny gem of a theater, set along the lungomare.  The door to the theater was open, and when we peeked in, the two women working inside invited us to come in, and see the lovely space for ourselves.  DSCN7535DSCN7540.JPGNearby, the courtyard of the Ex Collegio Gesuiti was a charming, quiet spot, which made one feel as if time had stood still.  But, with the sea so close, it’s difficult to resist taking a leisurely stroll along the lungomare, and so, that is just what we did.DSCN7546DSCN7548Even the trash cans are decorated in Mazara del Vallo!DSCN7550DSCN7552DSCN7554DSCN7561Before long, we came upon the lovely little Church of San Vito A Mare!  DSCN7566DSCN7575DSCN7580DSCN7584DSCN7589DSCN7611DSCN7631DSCN7634DSCN7636DSCN7656DSCN7669DSCN7671DSCN7673DSCN7688DSCN7690DSCN7701DSCN7708DSCN7723DSCN7768DSCN7787DSCN7791DSCN7824DSCN7901DSCN7912DSCN7942DSCN7943DSCN7950.JPGDSCN7954DSCN7955Inside the Chiesa di San Bartolomeo, one now finds the Museo Mirabilia Urbis, a small but intriguing collection of art and artifacts.DSCN7960DSCN7961DSCN7985DSCN8022DSCN8044DSCN8077DSCN8080

Next up: a visit to the ancient Greek city of Selinunte, plus more from Mazara del Vallo!


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    Just a little language advice to assist you — you said “It only took a moment or two for both Susan and I to agree to accompany the group … …”
    You would certainly realise that it is wrong to say “… for I to agree …” and that it should be “… for me to agree …”. For the same reason, saying “”… for Susan and I to agree …” is wrong, and it should be “… for Susan and me to agree …”

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