TRAPANI – Day Two – Part 1

DSCN3699I had booked a two-bedroom apartment at the Badia Nuova Residence, on Via Badia Nuova, right in the heart of the historical center of town.  The apartment was on the top floor of the charming hotel, and so the views from our windows were lovely, to say the least.  DSCN3701DSCN3717In addition to the small terraces that came with the room, there was also a lounge area for guests of the hotel, set up on the street, in front of the place.DSCN3720Trapani is a city of approximately 68,300 inhabitants.  Nicknamed “The City of Salt and Sails,” Trapani is surrounded by the sea, and by salt marshes.  Like a lot of Sicily, Tranapi has been ruled by many different people over the course of the centuries.  From the Romans, to the Byzantines and the Arabs, and Normans — all have left their mark on this lovely city.  DSCN3721DSCN3722DSCN3725.JPGDSCN3729DSCN3728DSCN3732The Chiesa del Collegio dei Gesuiti is a lovely church, set at the beginning of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main shopping street of Trapani.  DSCN3734DSCN3735DSCN3741DSCN3742DSCN3743DSCN3628The Duomo of Trapani, or the Basilica di San Lorenzo Martiri, is about a block further down, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele.  DSCN3745From its beautifully carved door, to the vast interior — this church warrants a visit.DSCN3749DSCN3751DSCN3752DSCN3755DSCN3759DSCN3760DSCN3771DSCN3774DSCN3778DSCN3780The Chiesa del Purgatorio is best known for housing statue groups depicting the Mysteries of Christ.  These are powerful, beautifully constructed pieces of art, arranged along the sides of the church, which tell the story of the passion of Christ.  This is, in my opinion, a MUST SEE, when in Trapani.DSCN3781DSCN3782DSCN3785DSCN3789DSCN3797DSCN3809DSCN3820DSCN3843DSCN3845DSCN3847DSCN3853DSCN3861DSCN3863.JPGDSCN3868DSCN3875DSCN3880DSCN3881DSCN3882DSCN3884DSCN3886


Next up: a trip to the hilltop town of Erice!


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