OTRANTO – Day Three

IMG_4332We decided to begin Day Three of our stay in Otranto with a drive, exploring the environs to the south of the city.  IMG_4335The coastline in this part of Italia is literally lined with remains of towers built as protection against invaders coming from the sea.  The Torre del Serpe was the first one that we found on our drive.  IMG_4340IMG_4343IMG_4339IMG_4354As we drove past this sign, we decided that we simply had to stop to see what Paradise looked like.  IMG_4355IMG_4356IMG_4358The next stop on our list of places that we wanted to see was the Laghetto di Bauxite.  This is a former bauxite quarry that has been abandoned for some time — since 1976.  A natural lake has formed there, a water table being discovered during excavations, and it is now a popular  attraction.

The signage on the main road is very easy to miss, so one must keep an eye out for it.

There are certain places that we end up in our lives which almost seem too beautiful to be real.  These are the places that give one goosebumps simply by looking at them, or that can move one to tears.  They seem as if they are out of some story book, and that they cannot be real.  But, they are real.  For me, the Laghetto di Bauxite is one of those places.  IMG_4368I knew right away that we were in the right place by looking at the color of the earth under my feet.  From the parking area, you follow a dark-red-dirt path to the Laghetto.IMG_4371IMG_4377IMG_4379IMG_4398There is a path which is easy to navigate that leads down to the water.  I recommend walking it!  IMG_4405IMG_4408IMG_4412Once back in the car, we continued our drive south.  Along the road, and at rest stops,  there are signs indicating the types of wildlife that can be found in the area.  IMG_4415IMG_4416IMG_4417IMG_4434IMG_4438Our next stop was the Faro di Punta Palascia, a lighthouse on the south-easternmost point of Italia.  There is a parking area, and it is possible to see the lighthouse below you from the observation point pictured above, but take the time to make the walk down to the structure.  It is a lovely experience!IMG_4439IMG_4443IMG_4448IMG_4449IMG_4461IMG_4468IMG_4473IMG_4495IMG_4502IMG_4506Torre Sant’Emiliano still stands guard over this section of coastline.IMG_4518IMG_4521It seemed as if, every ten minutes, we were stopping the car, so that we could get out and take a photo of the beauty that was surrounding us. IMG_4537IMG_4548IMG_4550IMG_4560IMG_4571We made a brief stop for some lunch in Santa Cesarea Terme.  I was charmed by this small city, and it is a place that I want to go back to, and stay in for a while.  IMG_4580IMG_4585IMG_4588IMG_4598IMG_4600IMG_4616IMG_4617IMG_4628IMG_4638IMG_4640IMG_4641IMG_4644The next tower that we found was Torre Minervino.IMG_4653Back in Otranto, I headed out to explore a bit more of the town.  IMG_4753IMG_4755IMG_4789IMG_4804An antique market was taking place along the Lungomare degli Eroi.IMG_4807IMG_4808IMG_4810IMG_4815IMG_4836IMG_4837IMG_4839We dined at a place called L’Altro Baffo.  I loved this restaurant!  This is fine dining with a casual attitude.  The food was delicious, and the service was great!  I would go back there in a heartbeat!IMG_4859


Next up: Another road trip, a trek through the Valle dell’Idro, and more from Otranto!


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