LECCE – Day Four

IMG_2392IMG_2396If you think the streets of Lecce are filled with beautiful Baroque decorations, then the churches will astound you!IMG_2397The Basilica of Santa Croce is considered to be the ultimate symbol of the Baroque in the Salento region.  It is magnificent!  This is a must-see, when you are in Lecce!  IMG_2407IMG_2409IMG_2413IMG_2415IMG_2431Next door to the basilica is the Pallazo della Provincia, with its ornate facade and beautiful courtyard.  Walk through the courtyard, to the other side of the building!IMG_2014IMG_2017IMG_2021IMG_2026IMG_2027Across the street from the palazzo are the Municipal Gardens, a small lovely park area.  IMG_2029IMG_2032IMG_2035IMG_2037IMG_2039IMG_2047The Museo Diocesano, located in Piazza Duomo, was mostly closed for renovations, while I was there, but I was able to visit the courtyard with its beautiful well, and a few small rooms off of the outdoor space.  IMG_1474IMG_2454IMG_2458IMG_2465IMG_2491IMG_2445IMG_2446IMG_2401IMG_2402Another must-see, when in Lecce, is the Museo Archeologico Faggiano.  This is a small, but richly filled museum/house, where one is given a map with numbered sights, and then left to oneself to explore.  You will find yourself walking down narrow stairwells, into underground spaces that used to be wells, granaries, or silos, and then climbing up to the second and third floors, where a convent existed for a while.  The visit is capped with a view of the city from the rooftop.  I loved this place, and I highly recommend including it in your visit!IMG_2612IMG_2498IMG_2531IMG_2553IMG_2561IMG_2589IMG_2593IMG_2610IMG_2622IMG_2632IMG_2634IMG_2646IMG_2655IMG_2659IMG_2662IMG_2669IMG_2674IMG_2675IMG_2679IMG_2684IMG_2688IMG_2693IMG_2695IMG_2703A pigeon was trapped in a bookstore window, but not for long!IMG_2704IMG_2729Lecce has not one, but two Roman theaters, the second one hidden along one of the small side streets.  IMG_2737IMG_2758IMG_2750IMG_2763IMG_2769Housed in the former Collegio Argento, which belonged to the local order of Jesuit priests, the Museo Provinciale Sigismondo Castromediano is also worth a visit, when in Lecce.  IMG_2782IMG_2783IMG_2785IMG_2793IMG_2778


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