If stones could speak, the ones that make up the buildings still standing in modern day Brindisi would have some very interesting tales to tell.  They have remained standing through invasions by the Greeks, Romans, Lombards, and the Normans, just to name a few.  IMG_0715IMG_0717IMG_0723IMG_0724Through this archway, one enters a courtyard lined with artisanal shops.IMG_0734IMG_0743IMG_0744IMG_0751No matter where you go in this city, you are never far from the sea.IMG_0753Along the lungomare there is a tourist office, behind which lies a small archaeological area.  If you go inside of the tourist office, and ask to see the historical site, they will unlock a door for you, and you are then free to stroll along a wooden walkway which encircles the ruins.IMG_0746IMG_0759IMG_0763IMG_0768IMG_0770IMG_0777IMG_0780The Swabian Castle, erected in the 12oo’s, still acts as a form of defense as it is now the seat of the Italian Navy Headquarters.  That said, it can only be admired from outside of it’s imposing walls.  IMG_0786IMG_0794IMG_0796IMG_0799Sections of the ancient city walls still branch out from the castle.IMG_0804IMG_0788IMG_0789IMG_0812IMG_0813IMG_0818I stumbled upon a cantina – a wine producer’s shop, but they were not open.  I could smell the grapes, and the wine as I stood outside, looking at the entrance to their facility…….Oh, well, maybe next time.IMG_0821The Fontana Tancredi, on Via San Vito, was built in 1192 to celebrate the marriage of Roger, Tancredi’s son, to Princess Irene, daughter of the Emperor of Constantinople.  I found this to be a beautiful structure, set in the middle of it’s own small park.  Because of it’s location, slightly out of the main part of the town, I had the place to myself.IMG_0824IMG_0836IMG_0838IMG_0846IMG_0848At the Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo delle Scuole Pie, there was an art exhibition featuring the work of Giuseppe Ciraci, including an altarpiece that he’d done.  IMG_0868IMG_0869IMG_0889Then again, there is always street art!IMG_0772



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