CERVETERI – Day One – pt 2

DSCN7431Back in Piazza Aldo Moro, I began to explore this newer section of town a bit, before stopping for lunch.DSCN7443DSCN7453DSCN7456DSCN7363DSCN7466DSCN7473Set into the cliff sides around the town are caves in which one can find wine merchants, selling local wine at incredibly low prices.  Most of these places also serve food, so I decided to have lunch in one.  I sat outside, at a picnic table, and dined on delicious grilled sausage with a cold bean salad, along with a half of a liter of the owner’s own red wine, and a bottle of water, coffee, and a plate of homemade biscotti – all for E 12.00.DSCN7471DSCN7474DSCN7476DSCN7477After lunch, a nap was called for!  So, I did just that!DSCN7512After a couple of hours of rest and a couple of tylenol with codine (still being sore from my run-in with the smart car in Ladispoli), I got back up, refreshed myself a bit, and headed back out into the town.DSCN7529DSCN7539DSCN7560DSCN7557DSCN7568DSCN7591DSCN7593DSCN7594DSCN7615DSCN7618DSCN7619DSCN7630DSCN7632DSCN7640DSCN7643DSCN7648Dinner was had at Antica Locanda le Ginestre.  This is a nice restaurant right on Piazza Santa Maria, a two minute walk from the door of Residenza Principi Ruspoli. DSCN7202DSCN7265DSCN7515I ordered the special menu of the day – the artichoke menu!  It consisted of a wonderful artichoke mouse sitting on top of a sea of liquid pecorino cheese.  I loved it!  This was followed by pasta in an artichoke and pancetta sauce, which was also delicious.  My next course was medallions of pork cooked in honey and topped with fried artichokes.  This dish could have been a bit more interesting, the entire thing tasting a bit bland, to me.  Dessert was a bowl of fresh strawberries with lemon on top.  Slightly less lemon would have been good, as the strawberries had a very bitter aftertaste.

After dinner, I walked back across the piazza, and into Palazzo Ruspoli.  It had been a good first day in Cerveteri, and I was looking forward to what the next day would bring as I intended to spend it exploring the Necropoli di Banditaccia.DSCN7668

coming up: more from Cerveteri, including the Etruscan Necropolis of Banditaccia.

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