MASSA MARITTIMA – Day One – pt 2

Massa Marittima is divided up into three zones – La Citta Vecchia, La Citta Nova, & the Borgo.  La Citta Nova is the section towards the top of the hill, past the Castle and the Cassero Senese – which was built in the 13th Century to protect and expand the city.DSCN4234DSCN4245DSCN4256A local guard keeps watch against intruders and invaders (like me!).DSCN4263DSCN4264DSCN4266The Torre del Candeliere was built in 1228.  It is now open to the public on certain days, and it is possible to walk to the top. DSCN4283A nearby park had some very interesting modern art displayed on it’s grounds. DSCN4299DSCN4305DSCN4306DSCN4311DSCN4376DSCN4377DSCN4380DSCN4382DSCN4383DSCN4385DSCN4394One of Massa’s main attractions is the Fonti dell Abbondanza, built in the 13th century.  During recent restoration work, a fresco was discovered under the 1st arch that makes up the facade of the building.  In my opinion, it is worth traveling to Massa just to see this!  It is a fresco of a tree that grows male sexual organs.  Below the tree one can see two women fighting over some of the tree’s “fruit”.  At night, the fresco is lit up, and a recording of water is played, as the fountain is now dry. DSCN4427DSCN4601DSCN4430DSCN4432Prosciutto & Popone is only one of the many good restaurants in Massa.  Be sure to ask for a bottle of the local wine – it is delicious and, for lack of a better word, cheap (but not in quality).DSCN4445DSCN4451DSCN4453DSCN4461DSCN4466DSCN4473DSCN4478DSCN4481DSCN4485DSCN4490DSCN4506DSCN4520DSCN4521DSCN4522DSCN4528DSCN4537DSCN4550I was enchanted by the facade of the Teatro Mazzini.  I can only imagine what it would have looked like inside.  It is now closed.DSCN4551DSCN4561DSCN4566DSCN4608Before dinner, we stopped at the cafe/bar/pizzeria located directly beneath our apartment.  Then, we walked down the street to a restaurant called Il Gatto & Volpe.  The place was lovely.  The food was good, simple Tuscan cuisine.  I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Massa.DSCN4389DSCN4390DSCN4611

Next up: more from Massa Marittima including a trip into an abandoned mine at the Mining Museum!


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