PISA – DAY ONE – pt 2


Making my way back to the waterfront, I noticed a photo exhibit that looked interesting, and decided to check it out.  DSCN2940

It was a very powerful show of photographs of prisoners in jails around Pisa.  The exhibit was held in a space overlooking the Loggia dei banchi and I found both the show itself, and the space to be quite unique.DSCN2939DSCN2938DSCN2942a slot where people would leave money for the prisoners….

This time I turned left at the waterfront and began to explore the alleyways over there.DSCN2948DSCN2950DSCN2959

Before long I came to the Church of Santa Cristina.  This is the Church where St. Catherine of Siena received the Stigmata, while she was staying in Pisa.DSCN2960DSCN2966DSCN2978

One of Pisa’s most beautiful pieces of architecture, in my opinion, is the tiny little jewel of a church – Santa Maria alla Spina.  It’s almost like a doll house of a church, set right alongside of the river.  I’ve never seen it open.  But, it almost doesn’t matter.  I find it to be incredibly beautiful.DSCN2983DSCN2990DSCN2993DSCN2999DSCN3001DSCN3003DSCN3012DSCN3027

A few steps beyond the church is the Ponte Solferino with it’s lions.DSCN3022DSCN3028DSCN3037DSCN3038DSCN3043

I noticed some graffiti art all done by one artist that was popping up all over this particular neighborhood.  I thought that it was quite cute!


I stumbled upon a lovely little garden, where a small group of local rappers were rehearsing one of their numbers….DSCN3110DSCN3111DSCN3113DSCN3108DSCN3115DSCN3117DSCN3137DSCN3139DSCN3166

Those clouds had to bring some rain.  So, while it downpoured, I watched kids from a local clown school do a presentation.DSCN3170DSCN3184DSCN3188DSCN3190

Soon it was time to head across the river for drinks/dinner.  As soon as you get off of the bridge, you find yourself in Piazza Garibaldi with it’s statue of guess who?  Garibaldi!DSCN3194DSCN3197

By now it was cocktail hour, and the rain began again.  It poured!  This being a Sunday night, many of the restaurants were shut for the evening, leaving pizzerias in which to dine.

Stay tuned for Pisa – Day two – when we visit the famous Campo Dei Miracoli – home to the leaning tower!DSCN3207DSCN3208DSCN3212






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  1. Cor Man says:

    well, the Italians certainly do graffiti much better then we do, however, they do mostly everything better then us! LOL.

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